You’ve probably heard all about our lovely shop by now, at Number 6, The Commons, Shaftesbury, Dorset. We love to meet our customers and really understand what they love and want from their visits to see us. Our lovely Annie spends most of her time in the shop, (if you visit you’re likely to meet her!) so, fuelled by tea and biscuits Annie gave us the lowdown on what’s been most popular in the shop over the last few weeks.

After their big launch, the newly boxed melts have been flying off the shelves. They’re a whopping 17g each now and our customers have been delighted at the new shape.  Not only are they prettier, scattered with lovely botanicals but the larger size also means a longer burn time and more scent for you to enjoy at home. They’re a super easy, speedy gift too.  In their new boxes they’re smart enough for gifting as they are, and handily square enough for even a novice gift wrapper!

Annie has also reported a little rush on the coveted Laura Lane Ceramic mugs, no surprises there! Those that haven’t already found their way home with the Candle Crew have found themselves whisked off the shelves in the shop.  Available in matte white and glazed jade, these delightful mugs have sweet copper coloured speckling and a variety of faceted designs.  They’re incredibly tactile, super lovely to hold in the hand (it’s the perfect mug to cradle the day’s first coffee in the morning) and big enough to provide a ‘proper cup’ of tea or coffee… they’re also the perfect diameter for biscuit dunking, but that’s a level of quality control we’re sure you’ll want to check for yourselves. 

Also flying out are the adorable Charlotte Miller Match Pots.  Handmade and hand painted for us in Kent, these little match pots are the perfect accessory to keep your candles company. Each pot has its own match striker on its bottom and they hold about 75 matches each, so they’re ready to go as soon as you are and will keep you going for some time.  The matches are easily replenished when you’re done too, so your Charlotte Miller Match Pot will become a permanent mantlepiece fixture in no time at all.

As you might expect, as the weather finally feels a little warmer, we’ve seen a seasonal lift in people dropping by for Late Summer scented candles and melts. It’s perfect for the time of year and it’ll see you through the sunnier seasons. Late Summer captures the essence of the last weeks of heat and sunshine before the autumn closes in, the fields are full of crops ready to harvest, the verges high with crispy grasses and the earth is dry and sun-baked.  It’s a complex, spicy scent, dominated by the exotic and sultry note of vetiver.  Also woven into this sunny blend is the scent of petrichor, the pleasant smell of rain after a prolonged period of warm weather. It’s an uplifting, nostalgic scent, reminiscent of long, balmy summer days and even if they’re not quite here to stay yet, it’s the perfect scent to conjure summertime ambience at home.

If you’re local and haven’t been to visit us before, we’d love to see you and show you around.  We can offer the very best suggestions for coffees on-the-go, bouquets while you wait, the most delicious bacon sandwiches and where to enjoy the yummiest ice cream with one of the most delightful views in the UK. If we’re just a little too far to visit but you’re curious about the shop, keep in touch via our Instagram where we share some lovely behind the scenes snaps and videos of what goes on day to day.  If you see any items that you particularly love on one of our ‘virtual shop tours’ please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can normally arrange postage, even for extra special shop items. 

We really hope to see you soon, thank you as ever for your support.




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