As those lingering grey skies have finally parted, we’ve seen some summer sunshine at last.  We’re hoping to spend more time with friends and family, as the warm breeze whispers through our homes for the first time in months. We understand that in the warmer months, not everyone wants to keep candles burning as often as we might throughout the winter, but a beautifully scented home can be effortlessly achieved all year round…

Reed diffusers are the perfect, low maintenance solution to year-round scent that fills a space.  They’re sustainable, recyclable and plastic free!  Once you’ve placed the reeds inside the liquid, they can be left for anything up to 2 or 3 months, flipping the reeds every week or two, for continuous, long lasting and flameless scent.

We’ve got a reed diffuser for each scent in our range, but as the weather gets warmer, it’s fresh scents like Greenhouse and Quiescent that really sing through the summer.

Greenhouse is a fresh, savoury scent which has notes of tomato vine and basil at its heart.  With top notes of cut grass and base notes of clove and sage, it’s a full bodied, nostalgic scent. Reminiscent of your Granddad’s tomato growing days; we think it’s especially lovely in kitchens, as the deliciously savoury scent cuts through foodie smells when you’re cooking. It’s a bright and uplifting choice for living spaces during the warmer months to really bring the outside in.

It’d be wrong not to mention Quiescent in our summer scent line up. By definition, Quiescence is the act of being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless and it’s this feeling of serenity and stillness that is so lovely to capture in the summer. Quiescent is our best-selling scent and has been bringing calm and solace since it was launched in 2019. Blended with pure essential oils, this powerful scent is the perfect combination to settle a busy mind. In times of stress or overwhelm, Quiescent is the perfect addition to your space to keep things feeling fresh and serene all year round, but particularly beautiful to enhance a balmy summer’s night.

Last but not least, we’ve brought back a limited edition run of our customer-favourite, Laundry Day!  It’s a super fresh scent, bringing back memories of clean, white linens billowing on the washing line in a summer breeze.  We’ve revisited this particular scent and brought it back from the archives by popular demand. As a result, we’ve created a select number of gorgeous Laundry Day candles in sweet little tins and a few diffusers to boot.  As this is a really special, limited run, they’ll be available on the website and instore while stocks last from Saturday 5th June!

We’ve also very recently upgraded our Tealights and Melts into their stunning new boxes.  You might normally associate tealights with indoor ambience, but they’re just as lovely in summer too. We’d recommend a box of our unscented soy wax tealights to be used in outdoor lanterns dotted around the garden. They’re equally pretty inside regular jam jars to give them a new lease of life, or you can often find very sweet vintage jam jars in charity shops or flea markets with add a little extra charm.

Across the range, we’ve got several scents to really complement the change of season and fingers crossed the good weather is here to stay!



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