This extremely warm weather can be stifling. Especially in a country where AC, ceiling fans, and shutters are scarcely found in our homes. However, our quest for good-smelling homes never rests and we've got some tips for keeping your space feeling fresh!

Side note: Our working hours are being adjusted to keep things comfortable for our team during high temperatures. If you're coming to visit the shop, please take a second to check our current opening hours - we'd hate to miss you!

Flameless Scent

Reaching for the matches feels counterproductive when you're trying to keep your place cool. Enter: Reed Diffusers. A flame-free way to add constant scent to a room. We especially like anything with cooling, fresh herby notes. Try The Florist or The Potager for refreshing fragrances which are light and clean. 


Sugar & Spice Are Nice, But Not Now. 

In our experience avoiding anything sweet or spiced during warm weather is best. Your best friends here are citrus, minty and herbal scents. Their cooling notes combat the stuffiness that can accumulate in a space. As a bonus - anything with lavender or citrus oils helps deter insects!

We love to light just a couple of tealights as the light fades. They are small yet deliver a beautiful level of fragrance. Try Lavender & Petitgrain or Sweet Orange & Geranium for all natural blends packed with freshness. 

Don't Fly Too Close To The Sun!

Your candles, melts and reed diffusers will behave differently in very hot weather. Be sure to keep candles and melts out of direct sun beams when not in use. If you are using them in direct sunlight then take extra care to keep wicks trimmed, as the additional heat will make melt pools form more quickly. 

We'd also recommend keeping reed diffusers out of sunny spots. The drying out of the reeds can accelerate the capillary action of the reeds - meaning the juice evaporates more quickly. 

Take care in the heat, folks and don't forget about possible opening hour adjustments. Our studio crew are working from 7am - 4pm most days until the weather returns to comfortable levels. Your calls and emails are our top priority so please get in touch if we can help with anything. 

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