In our ongoing efforts to minimise the environmental impact of The Botanical Candle Co. we are proud to be offsetting all of the carbon our deliveries generate. 

Pairing with Shopify Planet, we are helping to fund 12 innovative carbon capture companies, whose groundbreaking work is offering effective solutions for the planet's future. 

Running Tide, for example, plant sea kelp forests to absorb carbon. Once the plants have done their job they are sunk to the bottom of the oceans, where they’ll decay but the carbon will stay for over 1000 years. On land, Climeworks builds giant machines which literally suck the carbon out of the air, leaving solid blocks of matter which can be safely buried underground. 

Planet automatically calculates the carbon emissions our deliveries will generate and then we pay funds to neutralise that amount. Each time you place an order with us you're helping to support some of the most hopeful climate projects on earth. All at no extra cost to you. 

Since we joined the scheme in June:


Delivery emissions removed


Delivery distance neutralised 


Carbon neutral deliveries

42% of consumers say that the environmental impact of a brand influences their decision to buy from them. We'd hazard a guess that that figure sits higher with you folks, who are rightly holding companies account for their impact and looking to support brands who take responsibility.

We've been shipping deliveries free from plastic since 2015 but understand that it doesn't just stop there. The planet is warming faster than anticipated and the impacts of climate breakdown are visible in every corner of the globe. Growing a business shouldn't come at the expense of our natural world. We can promise you that we'll continue to look for ways to prevent, repair or mitigate our environmental impact at every opportunity. 

Got a question about carbon neutral delivery or anything else? Reach out to us, we'd love to chat.


T: 01747 859200 



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