Shop Independent Day is on the 25th June this year and aims to shine a spotlight on the vibrancy of independently owned shops and businesses. 

At a point in time such as this, when things feel turbulent and uncertain, it is easy to slip in to thinking that positive change is unattainable. Well, we're here to thank you for your support and to show you just some of the ways that your support of our small business has made, and continues to make, a difference to our local community and beyond. 

These are changes that you make happen without even realising it. Just by voting with your money and choosing to spend it with an independent business. 

1. Employment That Fits The Modern World 

We are currently a team of 13 wonderful people and it's the businesses' most significant achievement. Offering people roles with flexibility, chances to progress and agency over their day is what keeps our team happy. We love to support folks who've recently left education, parents and those looking for work to fit around their existing commitments. Kindness, patience and understanding for the ups and downs in life is what makes our crew the most loyal, close and efficient team we could have wished for. 

2. Business Practices Far From The Norm

When you spend your hard-earned money with a small business, you're truly voting for what kind of world you want to live in. Independently owned businesses have the ability to make decisions based on the morals and beliefs of those that run them. Whether it's using their platform to advocate for those from marginalised communities, supporting charities, or giving other creatives a platform for their work, these magical organisations have a daily impact that reaches far beyond the four walls of their store. 

3. The Agency To Make Immediate Changes

Without shareholders, many small businesses are able to make choices and be adaptable to the needs of their customers or themselves. This was highlighted during the pandemic when small businesses were, in many cases, forced to pivot their operating structure. Offering deliveries, pick-up from store or going online for the first time could happen in a matter of days, giving a vital lifeline. 

It also meant that businesses were able to make arrangements for customers and employees to feel safe and to work within the comfort zone of their patrons. In smaller ways, this freedom means folks can make or order more stock to your taste or budget. It also allows for special orders or commissions, giving you a truly personal service. 

4. Starting Essential Conversations

Running a business is a huge privilege. It provides a powerful platform to spread awareness and help progress issues. When you support a small business you're enabling donations, volunteer work and conversations to be had in the public domain about a broad range of societal issues. This is enable by osmosis, just through you showing up for that business. It gives the chance for learning and awareness throughout not only customers, but the wider community too. 

5. Vibrancy In Your Local Area

The character of your local area is closely linked with the businesses that operate there. Whether they've been part of the community for generations, or have just popped up - these independently owned and run gems are what make each town unique.

When you spend with a local business you're keeping money in your local economy and givings jobs to local people. Studies have shown that 65p from each £1 spent in your area stays within your local economy. You're also allowing for those businesses to support your community in other ways, like sponsoring events and donating to local charities. 



Shop Independent Day is Saturday 25th June 2022! We understand how testing things are for everybody right now but are sending all our thanks and best wishes to our customers, stockists and suppliers. 

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