We are buzzing with excitement this month as we've now confirmed our wholesale range!


As small business owners there are always a few stand-out moments which are exceptionally rewarding. For us these include the days when we have to haul multiple sacks of orders to the Post Office, reading wonderful feedback from customers and seeing our real-life-candles on shop shelves. It's an amazing feeling. 

We understand that candles are a very personal thing and part of the joy of buying them is choosing which scent you love the most. Picking them up, unscrewing the lid, having a sniff (and often repeating this process) is all part of the fun and we want to make that experience more widely available. That's why we've created an increased range of our ever popular jar candles which are perfect for shops and boutiques. 

Our Weck jars are great for functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, whereas the cosy glow of our amber glass range is best suited to living rooms and bedrooms. With accessible price-points and outstanding quality our candles are a strong offering for any retail outlet. Each candle is hand-poured, packed and despatched by us in Dorset using the very best ingredients for reliable performance. 

The movement of rejecting mass-made, shopping local and supporting independent businesses is only gaining momentum and our candles fit in to this ethos perfectly. Soy wax out-performs traditional paraffin candles on every level and you can read about some of our favourite reasons for using soy here. We find as soon as customers hear of the benefits that soy wax brings (cleaner, slow burning, totally natural!) they need little convincing and are often permanently converted to soy. 

If you own a shop or boutique and would like more information on our candles we'd love to hear from you!  Get in touch here and we'll send over more information as soon as possible.



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