After many months of testing, and a lot of trail and error, we are absolutely delighted to be introducing three beautiful new blends to the range. 

French Lavender & Marjoram

Neroli & Bitter Orange

Rosewood & Clementine

Known as The Mediterranean Collection, this trio of fragrances has been blended with scents found in the warm and varied landscapes of southern Europe. 

We've anchored each combination to a note we already knew and loved, like Neroli, Clementine and Lavender. This has given the range a familiar basis, but those hero notes have been endlessly enriched and elaborated upon with many addition oils, which were completely new to us. Heady Spanish Marjoram, velvety Rosewood and fragrant Bergamot, to name a few. 


French Lavender & Marjoram

Lavender is a soft and comforting classic, and we've chosen the gentlest French variety to give this fragrance a balanced mid-tone. All the flower, with none of the sharpness you can sometimes find in Lavender.

To accompany it, and offer freshness, you'll find a healthy dose of Bergamot. Like a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea where the citrus zing dances between floral and fresh. The real hero of this new blend is Spanish Marjoram. Fruity, herbal and deep - it delivers a strong grounding which is unlike anything we've ever made before. 

Try it if you like: Darjeeling & Tea Rose, Quiescent, Green Fig, or Greenhouse

We especially love: Dotting 2 or 3 tealights in a living space at dusk. The Marjoram arrives after a few minutes of burning, and lingers long after the candles are extinguished. 

A reed diffuser in the bathroom. The bergamot feels fresh enough for that type of space, with the lavender contributing towards a relaxing atmosphere. 

Neroli & Bitter Orange

In the fragrance industry orange trees are known as the 'pig of perfumery', as every part is useful. Neroli & Bitter Orange is testament to that, with all notes coming from the humble orange tree. 

Neroli is the richest floral scent which truly envelops you. Heady, soapy and evocative - it almost needs something fresh to bring it back down to earth. Enter: Bitter Orange. As green and sharp as oils come, it balances the powdery Neroli to create a scent which is perfect for all times of day. 

Try it if you like: The Courtyard, Lavender & Petitgrain, Sweet Orange & Geranium, Orange Blossom

We especially love: Lighting a candle in a large space. This is the strongest of the three new blends, with notes which carry beautifully. 

Rosewood & Clementine

Clementine has been the dominant oil in our winter bestseller, Half Light, for many years now. We felt it was a shame to not feature it outside of the festive range, so set about finding a way to give it all year round appeal.

The warm, bright and sweet citrus oil paired well with florals in our testing, but it needed gutsy notes to stand up to its strength. Rosewood oil somehow tiptoes between being flowery, powdery, spicy and warm at the same time. The way that the cheerful and bright citrus works with these exotic fragrances is truly magical. 

Try it if you like: Half Light, Sandalwood & Rose Geranium, Tinder Box, Redamancy

We especially love: Lighting a small candle on a bedside table as we get ready to go to sleep. The warmth of Rosewood really carries.

The beautiful soy wax melts studded with tiny rose buds release their fragrance almost immediately. Perfect for surprise guests! 


Every stage of the making process is done right here in Dorset by our wonderful team. This range is made from 100% plant based ingredients, and uses plastic free packaging throughout. 

 We hope you'll love finding your favourite out of these three. It has been a joy to make them, we can't wait to hear what you think! 

Find The Mediterranean Collection here.

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