Let’s talk about subscriptions…

For a few years now we’ve been offering a subscription service so that you can enjoy a stunning range of our candles, melts and tealights plus the occasional treat from our favourite independents every month. To make our subscriptions more flexible and accommodating for our customers, they’re now also available to receive every other month in case you’d prefer a little more time to enjoy your goodies between subscription days. We’ve recently updated our range to include The Ultimate Candle Box, which is exactly as it sounds; A super generous candle box for the puritans amongst you who are willing to forgo the frills for more candle… We thought it was about time we gave you all a definitive introduction to our range of subscription boxes, we’ll also give you some more information about The Ultimate Candle Box too…


Soy Wax Melt Subscription

Cost: £17.95 for one month / £49.00 for three months

What’s in the box: Every month we’ll send you or your recipient a beautiful box of 12 scented soy wax melts and 12 unscented tealights.  We’ll choose a suitably seasonal scent, topped by hand with complimentary dried botanicals which can be used in any oil burner or warmer for hours and hours of scent.


Soy Wax Tealight Subscription

Cost: £18.95 for one month / £52.00 for three months

What’s in the box: On a monthly basis, we’ll send you or your recipient two boxes of 12 scented soy wax tealights. Our hand poured tealights are a lovely way to instantly add a cosy, welcoming atmosphere to any space.  Their soft, twinkling light and gentle scent can make all the difference to an evening. You can expect each tealight to burn for 4-6 hours and we’d recommend lighting at least two at a time to give a good level of scent. We’ll send a perfectly seasonal scent for you to enjoy and, when they’re finished, the aluminium cases, box and paper can all be recycled with regular household waste. The wicks are made from cotton and linen and our wax is 100% soy.


Candle Subscription

Cost: £21.00 for one month / £60.00 for three months

What's in the box: With a soy wax candle subscription box you'll never be without a gorgeous, natural candle to enjoy.  Each month we curate a beautifully presented candle subscription box that's filled with scented candles and sometimes, some extra special homewares or accessories we think subscribers will enjoy. We carefully select the contents in tune with the seasons and we try to keep the contents as exciting and varied as possible so every month is a lovely surprise.  One month might include matches, but we promise not to include more of the same thing for a couple of months to give you chance to enjoy your goodies first. If you'd rather take things a little steadier, you can also choose to receive your candle subscription box once every two months to make sure you've had chance to use and enjoy everything in your box.


Collaboration Subscription

Cost: £34.00 for one month / £98.00 for three months 

What’s in the box: We love supporting local and independent makers and lots of our customers do too.  The Collaboration Box is a really lovely way to explore some new brands and products from similar businesses and makers that we’re excited by. Every month, or every other if you’d prefer, we’ll send you an exciting combination of our handmade candles alongside a carefully curated range of goodies that we think you’ll love.  If you love to discover fresh and exciting independents, this is the subscription for you.

The aim of the Collaboration Box is to give all of its subscribers a little taster of the products in our bricks and mortar shop, no matter where you live within the UK. From candles to stationery, homewares, accessories and even edible treats, they’ll arrive, beautifully presented in plastic free packaging. In the past, we’ve included things like handmade soap, artisan chocolate, and handy organic shopping bags amongst lots of other treasures.  It’s all about the element of surprise for us, but what we can tell you is that we guarantee you’ll discover artists and brands that you’ll love.

The Ultimate Candle Subscription

Cost: £29.00 for one month

What’s in the box: Our newest addition to our subscription line up. The Ultimate Candle Box is the subscription for the most dedicated candle lover.  Affectionately termed within the team ‘All killer, no filler’, this no-frills edition of our popular Candle Subscription eliminates any homeware or independent additions leaving lots more room for candles.  Pure and simple, The Ultimate Candle Box is the perfect way to keep the surprises coming. Either every or every other month, we’ll send you a minimum of two full-sized seasonal candles which is perfect for those who burn candles most evenings. We’ll keep the scents and vessels a surprise but it’s the perfect gift for the candle puritan and the perfect pick-me-up if you’re looking to replenish your candle drawer…


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