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3 Month Soy Wax Candle Subscription

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With a soy candle subscription box you'll never be without a gorgeous, natural candle to enjoy. This pre-paid 3 month subscription is perfect for gifting to a loved one or for yourself (we highly recommend that option). 

Each month we curate a beautifully presented candle subscription box that's filled with  scented candles and accessories. We carefully select the contents to be in tune with the seasons and our best-sellers. 

Each month we'll change the type of products included to keep the deliveries as exciting as possible. One month you may receive matches but we'll then skip them for a couple of months to make sure you've got time to use them up. Similarly you might find a stash of tealights in one delivery but then something different the following month. 

What might I find in a box?

Typical contents may include but are not limited to the below:

 1 x soy wax candle in a season scent
2 x packs of 6 scented soy wax tealights
1 x extra tealight sample for you to try
A contents list


1 x travel sized soy wax candle 
1 x glass bottle of extra-long matches
1 x extra tealight sample for you to try
A contents list


1 x soy wax candle in a season scent
1 x box of extra-long matches
2 x oil burner melts for you to try
A contents list

How it works

  • Your card will be charged once for a total of three months' worth of deliveries
  • Subscription boxes are despatched around the 17th of each month with the cut-off day for orders being the 15th of each month. Orders placed after the 15th month will be despatched the following month. 
  • Delivery is included in the price of the subscription
  • Your subscription will end after three deliveries 
  • We carefully choose the contents based on the seasons, our best-sellers and current trends
  • Discounts have already been included with the boxes so additional discount codes cannot be redeemed against them
  • Subscription boxes are only available for delivery within the UK

    What if there's a scent I don't like?

    We hope that you'll enjoy all of the different scents we offer but if you find one that's not your style we hope you'll be able to gift it to friends or family, it's always handy to have a spare gift in the drawer!