* Based on our very best guesses in this crazy year! 

You're probably sick and tired of hearing about shortages, supply chain issues and logistical challenges already and it's only October. 

As a small business we have to deal with all sorts of tricky situations. Broken candles and missing parcels are easily remedied, but do you know what hits us the hardest? Disappointed customers. Sold out items were a frustration that we encountered a lot last year and there's something about not being able to fix it for the person that just really gets to us. So, we wanted to head-off as much of this as possible by giving you plenty of notice on gifts we know we'll struggle to restock. 

Disclaimer: We understand buying ahead isn't possible for everybody - especially when the cost of living is rising so quickly. If you'd like to reserve something but can't pay right now then please reach out to us. We'll be happy to help discreetly and without fuss. 

The Frosty Walk Gift Box £49.95

This wintry gift box is likely to sell-out because of the alpaca socks. We're experiencing issues sourcing large volumes of these socks possibly because of wool shortages or manufacturing delays. It's also likely that the ceramic hare decorations will hop out of stock in the build-up to Christmas. 

Ceramic Oil Burner by ViCeramics - from £36

Beautifully hand thrown in London, these oil burners are some of the nicest in existence (in our humble opinion). The cut-out holes cast the most magical light, adding atmosphere to any space. They pair wonderfully with our Botanical Soy Wax Melts but we literally only have a handful left. Virginia's busy Christmas schedule and high demand means we sadly won't be getting another delivery until 2022. 

Luxury Letterpress Match Boxes £7.95

Quality matches are an essential for lighting your candles or wood burner in the winter months. These match boxes are printed on a windmill press which gives them a quality embossed finish. Due to international shipping delays we've been told that our orders may take a little longer to arrive than normal so we may see stock levels run down. They also prove extra popular throughout the winter, often leading to sell-outs. 

A Moment For Yourself Gift Bag £22.95

This gift bag has been a smash hit this year. Is it the colour combination? The fact that it holds everything needed for a blissful bubble bath? We aren't sure, but whatever it is - you folks love it! Sadly we've been told about supply issues with the mini bubble bath so if you want any of these for gifts you'll need to be quick. 

Reed Diffusers - from £20 (Quiescent as featured £24) 

Steel price increases and subsequent shortages have led to our reed diffusers being at risk of selling out in the next few weeks. The tins which hold the diffuser liquid are impossible to source at the moment and although we are (thankfully) out of peak diffuser season, our stocks are beginning to dwindle. We plan to keep Quiescent in stock for the longest time possible as it is the number one favourite with customers. 

The Winter Wishes Gift Bag £20.95 

This joyous little gift bag has caught the eye of many of you since it was launched earlier this month. The handmade Dala Horse decoration is a symbol of strength and courage so it would have extra meaning for anybody close to you. However, the decorations are made entirely by hand so we may not be able to keep them in stock all the way to Christmas. If you spot this lovely gift in stock it would be wise to pounce on it! 

The Gloaming Gift Box £38.85

 These votives are beautiful on their own but there's something about them being hand blown in Paris that just makes them even more special. We had a very limited number of sets available and because of the lead time we won't be seeing any more arrive until 2022. The olive votives are proving especially popular!

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