With the evenings drawing in and autumn well and truly here, we are delighted to have our Winter Light scents back on both our physical and virtual shelves. 

This collection of three scents has been carefully blended to provide a range of distinctive yet familiar fragrances which will help us all get through the dark winter months. 

F I R S T   L I G H T 

with eucalyptus & myrtle

First Light is the freshest of the three winter scents thanks to its hero note of eucalyptus. We love burning First Light in the mornings when the light, clean and peppery scent helps ease us in to the day. 

Myrtle is a resinous, deeply fragrant oil that when burning smells like pepper and bay and juniper. It gives a depth to this candle and acts as a deeply grounding base note. 

Struggling with winter sniffles? The menthol top notes of eucalyptus are a welcome addition to any space.  


First Light is popular with anybody who gravitates towards woody, fresh scents. We also see lots of men reach for this scent during the winter months. 
Try burning First Light on a slow weekend morning when the kettle is being kept busy and your home is cosy and calm. 

H A L F   L I G H T 

with clementine & clove

Half Light is the scent which prompts the largest response when people first smell it. We put it down to the magical combination of clementine and clove oils which smell exactly like pomanders.

If you ever spent a festive 20 minutes stabbing cloves in to oranges as a kid then this is likely to evoke memories for you, too. The warming, sweet clementine is perfectly balanced with deep spicy clove which makes it a lovely rounded scent. 

As dusk falls, we always reach for Half Light. It works great in kitchens and living spaces where the balance of citrus and spice gives a warm background scent. It's also citrusy enough to cut through any cooking smells. 

L A S T   L I G H T 

with cinnamon & rosemary

Our final winter scent is Last Light. A newcomer to the range in 2020 and one that was received wonderfully by customers.

We are especially fond of Last Light as it delivers the festive spiced scent that many crave at this time of year, while being 100% natural. 

A carefully balanced blend of essential oils, which include cinnamon and rosemary make up this seasonal superstar . This scent is sweet, spicy and warming and is what many people associate with Christmas. Think Christmas biscuits in the oven or a fresh plate of mince pies beside the fire. 

When the sun is long-gone and you need to shut out the cold, Last Light is there to see you through to bed time. It's just made for cosy lounges or long bubble baths. We like snuggling up with a book in our favourite chair with Last Light burning beside us. 

Try melts for scent that will carry through your space. The ratio of wax to heat means melts deliver the strongest scent of any of our range. 

Can't decide? Treat yourself to the complete set for an immersive experience.

Our Winter Light scents are made by hand in our workshop in Dorset. Our team take care of every stage of the making process, ensuring each candle is finished to our high standards. 

We use 100% soy wax as our base and these scents are all created using pure essential oils. The Winter Light range is made exclusively in amber jars to give the warming glow that's so magical at this time of year. You can also enjoy scented tealights to dot around your space or Botanical Wax Melts for a powerful hit of scent. 

Want to know more about soy wax? Find out where it comes from and what makes it different here



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Hello Jenna, Our Clementine & Clove candles (now named Half Light), will be back in October! Best wishes, Amalia and the team


Do you have any clementine and clove candles in stock please?
Kind regards

Jenna Lloyd-ball

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