If you follow us on social media you may have seen how our subscription service has overtaken our lives - in a good way! Here, we run you through our subscription options and what you can expect to find in each type. 

We keep the exact contents of subscriptions a surprise each month and only reveal them once they've arrived with subscribers. If you prefer to know what to expect we offer sneak peeks via direct messages on Instagram at the beginning of each month. 

Small Tealight Subscription

£8 per month or £22.50 for 3 months' deliveries upfront 
Candle Subscription Box


The Small Tealight Subscription Box includes two packs of 6 scented soy wax tealights in seasonal scents. Often we'll give subscribers exclusive previews of new scents before their general release so there's another element of surprise! You'll also find a sample tealight in another scent tucked in the box too. 

The rolling monthly subscription is £8 and is ideal if you enjoy dotting tealights around in the evening. We recommend lighting 2 or 3 tealights at a time for a beautiful, gentle scent in your room. 

The 3 month pre-paid subscription is £22.50 and is perfect for gifting. Add a note during checkout and we'll make sure it's included with the first delivery to your recipient. 

Large Tealight Subscription 

£14.50 per month or £42 for 3 months' deliveries upfront
Tealight Subscription Box


The Large Tealight Subscription Box is a real stash of tealights each month. 4 packs of 6 scented soy wax tealights in different scents give you a wealth of choice. Again, you'll often be the first to try our new scents and there will always be a sample in your box. 

 A fantastic choice if you're a real candle addict or always need small gifts to hand. What could be nicer than taking along a packet of tealights to a dinner for the host? 

The Candle Subscription Box

£21 per month or £60 for 3 months' deliveries upfront 

The Candle Subscription Box offers an exciting mix of candles and small homeware items each month. We'll always include a full-sized candle from our range which will be accompanied by tealights, matches, a soap, or something else beautiful and useful. We love to share the work of other small business we think our subscribers will like too. 

This box is a lovely treat for yourself each month. We'll include a seasonal candle so you'll always have one in your house that suits the weather. If you really want to spoil a loved one then the 3 month subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Small Melt Subscription Box 

£8 per month or £22.50 for 3 months' deliveries upfront 
Soy Wax Melt Subscription

If you love the strong aroma that soy wax melts bring then this is the subscription for you. Each box contains a pack of 10 Botanical Soy Wax Melts in a seasonal scent, 6 unscented soy wax tealights for your oil burner and 2 additional Botanical Soy Wax Melts in a different scent. 

Again, subscribers often get a preview of the new scents and this subscription is guaranteed to be free from any plastic packaging. 

Large Soy Wax Melts Subscription

£14 each month or £40 for 3 months' deliveries upfront

Soy Wax Melt Subscription

If you've always got melts on the go then you'll love The Large Soy Wax Melt Subscription Box. Two packs of 10 Botanical Soy Wax Melts in different scents sit alongside 12 unscented soy wax tealights and 2 sample Botanical Soy Wax Melts. A bonanza of beautifully scented goodies to keep your place feeling fresh. 

The Collaboration Box 

£34 per month or £98 for 3 months' deliveries upfront

Launched in early 2020, The Collaboration Box is our most premium subscription box. It's like Christmas morning every month with a surprise combination of candles, melts, tealights and gorgeous beauty and homewares from fellow small businesses. 

We'll always include items we personally love and use in the hope you'll discover some new favourites. There will nearly always be a greetings card included for birthdays, thank yous or congratulations. 

This is the ultimate treat for yourself but can also be a handy source of presents, if you find something inside that you know a friend would enjoy. 

Subscriptions are despatched around the 16th of each month and you have until midnight on the 15th of the month to sign-up. Our packaging is plastic free and easily recycled. We regret that we are only about to send subscriptions within the UK at this time. 

Find all of our subscription options here!

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