Some progress snaps from the renovation of our new studio space if you'd like to see...?

On April 1st we got the keys to our new studio space and with rolled-up sleeves and fresh buckets of paint we set to work on it!

We moved in above Enchanted Plants with all those lovely windows...

First to go was the biscuit coloured carpet

Once the carpet was gone we could white-wash everything in sight


As soon as the paint had dried we put up shelves and decals

There were a few late nights at this stage...

Next came the sawdust fest that was building our central tables!

The hoovering was relentless 

And then it was time to move in!

As the dust settled from the move and we found homes for everything we got in to the swing of working in our new space

And then the plants came... 

...and kept coming...

It was time to give the lighting a little update

We used vintage fittings but LED filament bulbs for energy efficiency 

Once the lighting was finished the space really started coming together

We could then add the finishing touches 

Including our hairiest member of the team yet.... Paddy <3 

Come and visit us and take a look around! We are open from the 1st June on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays 10am - 4pm



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