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Terracotta Pot Portraits by Linzi West

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Linzi West in an artist based just outside of Lyme Regis, Dorset. Her portraits are characterful and striking, displaying her deft hand and ability to capture the soul of a face with her brush strokes. 

These original terracotta pots have been brought to life by Linzi and we couldn't love them more. Beautiful as standalone pieces or add a whole new dimension to your space by grouping them together. Each face is unique and holds its own story. 

The pots are in used condition so there is the occasional small chip due to their age and previous life. The acrylic paint means they can have plants in and be watered but we recommend using them indoors only. 

They are unique pieces of Linzi's work - there will never be others exactly the same. 

Dimensions: 100mm tall x 87mm wide