*Pick up only* Eucalyptus Tree

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If you love the chalky green leaves of Eucalyptus then this will make a great addition to your home or garden. 

They grow very quickly so keep them well pruned and consider where you're planting them, if planting straight in to the ground.  

Pictured in the Medium Palm Plant Basket which isn't included but is sold separately here. 

Care advice: 

Watering Keep the soil damp at all times watering at least 5 times a week. Avoid letting them bake in sunlight when they're young as their leaves could dry out. 
Light A bright spot without too much intense sunlight. In the garden they'll thrive in almost all conditions but keep them well watered as they establish themselves. 
Temperature  Prefers temperatures of 16-24ºC
Pet safety Toxic to dogs and cats
Current size 70cm tall approx.