Christmas Candles

Look no further for beautifully scented Christmas soy wax candles. Each of these festive beauties is hand poured in our Dorset studio and is made using the very best ingredients. 

This Christmas we have three hero Christmas scents, Christmas Eve, Clementine & Clove as well as a newcomer this year, Eucalyptus & Myrtle. We've carefully blended these scents to evoke the classic feelings of Christmas at home. Bright notes of citrus and menthol, warm spices and woody notes all bring the familiar feeling of a cosy Christmas at home. 

Find Christmas candles from under £5 with our extensive range of candles and gifts. From token gifts to candles worthy of taking centre-stage you'll find something for everybody (and hopefully for yourself!) in our Christmas candle category. 

Soy wax candles give a longer and far superior burn meaning you'll get more hours out of each candle. We love nothing more than making the perfect gifts so if there's anything you need help with please just let us know. 


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