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viCeramics Oil Burner/Warmer

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We are incredibly lucky to stock these exquisite oil burners which have been handmade by Virginia Balistreri, known as viCeramics. Virginia studied ceramics in Florence and now lives and works in London. 

Each piece consists of the body of the oil burner which has a hole for the Tealights with multiple hand cut holes to allow the light to shine through. A hand-thrown bowl sits atop of the body of the burner which is where you can place your favourite soy wax melts or an oil of your choice. The bowl is slightly thicker than the body of the burner, giving a lovely contrast and added durability. 

The glaze is a warm white/light grey in colour and really gives the burners depth and life. Each piece is handmade so small variations in size/colour can be expected but these are very minimal. 

You can choose between two designs; one has lines down the body of the oil burners and, to us, resembles the pattern on a dried sea urchin shell. The more elaborate design has clusters of holes in a gentle, organic pattern.