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10 Greenhouse Scented Botanical Soy Wax Melts©

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Created to evoke memories of a childhood spent in grandparents’ greenhouses, this is a fresh, bright and uplifting summer scent. Entirely savoury and cleansing this is ideal for burning in kitchens with the doors and windows thrown open.

  • Top notes: Basil, Vine tomatoes 
  • Heart notes: Leaves, Fresh stems 
  • Base notes: Thyme, Cannabis

      10 melts are packed within a waxed bag with the option to add a linen pouch. Each melt has an approximate burn time of 10 hours meaning you will have 100 hours of scent from one purchase.

      These soy wax melts can be used in any traditional oil burner/warmer. Please note however that these are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam.