After a fortuitous recommendation in February of 2018, we became shop-mates with Enchanted Plants at 6 The Commons on April 1st of that year. After almost 12 months of harmonious shop sharing and a busy Christmas for both of us there will be more changes coming to the building, in time for the first anniversary of us moving in. 

Enchanted Plants have seen their mail order business grow significantly this year through the use of Instagram and the introduction of a bevy of beautiful new products.  With an ever-increasing range of Soil Association certified organic skin-care to manage and a growing family, the founder, Jemma, is set to have a very busy year indeed. With the shifting demands of Enchanted Plants in mind and the fact that we are quickly out-growing our first-floor studio and shop, it's been decided that we can expand in to the downstairs shop. 

The whole team are grateful for the chance to separate the studio and shop element of the business to allow us to cope with the increase in online orders and the production demand we have seen over the last 12 months. The downstairs shop will still offer the full range of Enchanted Plants skincare that the local community have been so supportive of over the past 13 years. Jemma’s well-loved and incredibly sought-after soaps, lotions and facial care products will happily sit alongside the candles and homewares that we are becoming known for. 

We aim to offer a haven of sweet-smelling products that are made with care and integrity yet remain affordable to everybody. The front will see a rebrand and a change of colour and our team will look after the daily running of the shop. We will be able to offer information on all Enchanted Plants products and Jemma will also be available on certain Saturdays to offer more detailed advice and guidance should customers wish to pop in and see her.

 The shop will close at 4pm on Saturday 30th of March and we will be shut for a few days while we carry out some renovations and get ready for re-opening.

Follow our journey and see how the changes are getting along by following us and Enchanted Plants on Instagram 

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