A closer look at our Botanical Soy Wax Oil Burner Melts©

Soy Wax Oil Burner Melts UK

 We take an in-depth look at exactly what goes in to our unique Botanical Soy Wax Oil Burner Melts©, how they work and some inventive ways to use them.


It's been almost a whole year since we launched our unique take on soy wax oil burner melts and we couldn't imagine our business without them. 

Our candles deliver a subtle scent that is perfect for everyday use. We like that their fragrance isn't too overpowering and that our candles can be enjoyed over a meal or in groups but identified the need for something a little stronger. We wanted to create a product that would zap cooking smells and the joyous muddy dog aromas and so developed our Botanical Soy Wax Oil Burner Melts© to do just that. 

To set them apart and make them eye-catching we carefully selected complimentary dried botanicals to each scent. Dried Yorkshire lavender, dried lemon and orange peels, dainty blue cornflower petals, hand roasted chopped almonds and richly coloured rose petals are all added during production for a rainbow of colours. Not only do they look beautiful but you can also easily tell them apart and quickly identify your favourite. 

 How to use soy wax oil burner melts

It couldn't be easier to use soy wax oil burner melts and ours will work in most types of oil burners and warmers. If you're using a candle lit burner just pop a tea light underneath the well, add a couple of melts to the top and let them do their thing. They will melt in a few minutes but will take hours to fully evaporate, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their scent. 

How to use soy wax oil burner melts

How to use soy wax oil burner melts

How to use soy wax oil burner melts

How to use soy wax oil burner melts

As the melt softens the dried botanical is released to then drift around in the wax, add a little extra scent and looking beautiful!

Benefits of using soy wax oil burner melts

If you're looking for a strong scent that will quickly fill a space or you want to combat unwanted smells around the house, soy wax melts are the quickest and easiest way to do so. Due to the intense heat the pool of wax is subject to the scent throw is stronger than most candles and you get quicker results. 

Burning soy wax melts is also safer and cleaner than the traditional method of diffusing oils in water. The water can often evaporate quickly, leaving a charred layer of oil in your burner to clean out. If you want to change scents all you need to do is extinguish the tea light and allow the wax pool to set and then gently prod it and it will all lift out of your burner. 

 Top tips for soy wax melts

  • Use citrus based fragrances in kitchens to cut through lingering food smells. Our Seville scent is made using pure essential oils and will bring an uplifting, summery scent to your surroundings 
  • Having trouble sleeping? Diffuse Lavender in your room as you get ready for bed to help you drift off quickly. This also works especially well for little ones who struggle to settle at night!
  • One of our favourite uses for melts is to tuck them in-between clothes or blankets in wardrobes and cupboards to keep everything smelling sweet. 
  • Darjeeling & Tea Rose is a romantic scent that was just made for weddings. Pop a few oil burners in your venue and allow the gentle scent to drift around all evening to really add to the atmosphere. 
  • You can also combine melt fragrances by adding new ones to the pool of wax. Laundry Day and Lavender work especially well together!

You'll find our full range of Botanical Soy Wax Oil Burner Melts© as well as that pretty oil burner here. Keep an eye out for different scents as the seasons change and if you have any questions please let us know - we'd love to hear from you. 

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